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Flourish in the face of advancing technology, skill shortages, rising living costs, and the transition to hybrid work. This thought leadership series will motivate you and your team to tackle workplace challenges with assurance through: 

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Elevate yourself and your teams in 2024 through this thought leadership series to inspire confidence, communication and leadership within the workplace.   

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NIDA Corporate Training offers practical skills-based training in professional communication, presentation and leadership for individuals and businesses in the public and private sectors. Enrolments open for our 1 or 2-day individual courses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Canberra.  

The Essential Skills Actors Bring to the AI-Powered Workplace

4th September 2023

As we hurdle into an AI-fueled future*, the landscape of the workplace is evolving rapidly. In this dynamic environment, six core skills have emerged as indispensable. These skills are analytical judgment, flexibility, emotional intelligence, intellectual curiosity, bias detection and handling, and AI delegation (prompts)....

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9th November 2023

Master video content creation confidence and conquer imposter syndrome

Are you plagued by self-doubt when creating video content for your organization? "I look terrible!" and "Does my voice really sound like that?" These common anxieties often stem from imposter syndrome. We delve into the world of video content creation and offer strategies to shift your focus and boost your confidence...

Corporate training 

The Art of Rehearsal: Elevating Communication Skills for Success

4th September 2023

In the world of acting, rehearsal is a powerful tool for crafting a compelling performance. At NIDA Corporate Training, we believe this process is not exclusive to the stage; it’s equally essential for professionals in the business arena.

Corporate training 
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Step up your presentation skill. Gain confidence, practical techniques, and creative strategies for engaging your audience effectively.

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